7 Reasons to Get an AWS Certification


AWS has marked the beginning of a new era in the world of distributed resource allocation governed by the internet and the pay-as-you-go pricing. The AWS stands for Amazon Web Server and comprises of a lot of services based on cloud computing to enable all the inherent units of the IT industry to work and use the resources for the time duration of their requirement and refrain from buying them. In this manner, the investment of money and resources has reduced a lot and the ability to achieve more via the existing sources has increased to a great extent.
Well, the impact of the AWS on the international market can be understood from the fact that all the major companies and ventures across the whole globe are using the services. In order to use these services in the best possible manner, there are experts that are certified by the AWS and are called as the Managed Service Providers. They have obtained AWS Certification and provide the expert level services to the companies and people seeking the AWS services.

This post will give you all the reasons to get an AWS Certification to be the next important thing in the coming times.

1.  Certification and Competence Correlation:

The certification allows you to understand the technology you are using in the best possible way and thus accomplish way more and way better tasks with it; then you can do otherwise. Further, the certification and competence correlation states that if the ratio of the competent to incompetent is similar whether a person is certified or not, then the certification doesn’t hold any value. And as the AWS is being immensely used and the use is expected to increase in the coming years, this ratio is not at all similar and is not going to be so in the coming decades, the AWS Certification is certainly a good deal.

2.  Growth at the individual as well as the enterprise level:

The AWS Certification will certainly make your resume flashy and help you get past a number of gatekeepers. On the other hand, the certification at an enterprise level brings one more star to your services and expertise. The individual certification will translate to a good job and the enterprise certification will translate to a large clientele.The AWS Certification will translate into growth in both the cases.

3.  AWS means Gold-Standard in Cloud Computing:

With tons of services and products and tools to offer the IT industry, the AWS is on the verge of becoming the Gold Standard of Cloud Computing and as per the predictions of the tech gurus, it is 10 times more powerful than the top 14 competitors in the market. To make the situation clearer, you should know that these top 14 include the names such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Irrespective of your area of work or expertise, the AWS will make your life way easier. Thus the AWS Certification will make your work better and easier manifold irrespective of you being an AI Developer, a Big Data Analyst or an IoT Developer.

4.  Simple, Easy and Within Reach Certifications:

The AWS Certification easy and is within reach of every person. They come in 3 tiers which cover different pieces of training for different fields such as security, architecture, DevOps, Networking, Big Data, Developer Associate and Solutions Architect etc.

5.  AWS Certifications are in high demand and give fat paychecks:

As it might have been clear by now, the certifications are in immense demand these days. The Amazon itself is hiring professionals across the globe these days. Big players of consultancy, IT, finance and all the other important sectors are buying the AWS and need experts to tackle them. Hence, the job profiles being offered are great and the paychecks are obviously fat..!!

6.  One and Only REAL Certification:

Though there are a number of certifications available in the IT industry such as Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Google Cloud and Rackspace etc; they don’t offer the architect level certification which is offered for a lot of areas in the AWS Certification. Thus the cloud architecting skills of the certified person are improved and he actually learns something of benefit.

7.  Current Situation is Rewarding:

The current situation in the industry is rewarding as the number of techniques to be learned are less and the number of jobs available in many. In fact, the experts can find more than 8 jobs chasing them at a time.

This calls for instant action and instant rewards; given that you complete your AWS certification by thruskills or some other reputed expert.