DevOps is in immense demand these days and without writing any embellished details about the technology, let us find out the Top DevOps Questions you should prepare for the year 2018. Needless to say, a good DevOps background will land you into a very good job and that earns you a fat salary. Find the latest Competitive DevOps Questions that can help you secure a job in 2018.

1. What’s been your most challenging deployment/upgrade/migration?

You need to explain your work in detail and the kind of complications involved in the same. It is important that it is of some consequence and you know each and everything associated with the same. Explain the difficulties and technicalities that were involved in the work and what did you learn from it.

2.  What technologies do you want to explore and work within future and why? What steps have you taken or are going to take for the same?

  • Understand that this is one of the most important Competitive DevOps Questions and allows the interviewer to find out whether you are excited and devoted to the work area or not.
  • The interviewer is able to find out whether the candidate is in resonance with the pulse of new technology.
  • This is a Top DevOps Question that will allow the interviewer to understand your position on the learning curve or not.

3.  What was the most difficult architecture project you have handled and is out of confidentiality bounds?

This is one of those Competitive DevOps Questions that allow you to test the problem definition and explanation.

The candidates should include the following in the answer:

  • Complete architecture of the system
  • Potential failure points of the system
  • Tests for potential failures
  • Scaling factors of the system

4. How does DevOps approach the ‘Golden Triangle’ i.e. People, Process, and Technology; for managing organizational change?

The candidates’ answer should be that in the Golden Triangle, people create processes for managing and executing their work.Technology should be used such that these processes are enabled to support the people involved. People are the most crucial element of the Golden Triangle and DevOps implementation.

5.  What is the need for DevOps?

This is one of the Top DevOps Questions that is asked in almost all the interviews. Start with explaining the market trends, and then explain that the companies are trying to find if their consumers can get the small features via a series of release trains.

DevOps fulfills all the requirements such as increasing deployment frequency, shorten lead time between frequencies and lower the failure rates etc.

6. Difference between Agile or SDLC?

Agile is a set of values and principles for software development. For example, if you have some ideas that you wish to turn into working software, you can use Agile as a development tool. But, that software might only work in a test environment or on developer’s laptop. DevOps allow you to do that easily, quickly and repeatedly in an easier way.

Thruskills provided the best interview questions on DevOps which are as follows:

  • How do all the tools work together?
  • Advantages of DevOps?
  • Most important things DevOps help the professionals achieve?
  • Anti Patterns of DevOps.
  • Version Control Systems and their Benefits.
  • Industry and Real-Life example of DevOps use case etc.


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