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​Understanding & Setting up the Development Environment

Learning Objectives In this topic,you will be introduced to Ubuntu and Basics of version control. You will be provided with an overview of Benefits of Git and learn installation & setup of NodeJs,NPM & MongoDB.


  • Ubuntu Linux (16.04)
  • Basics of version control & DVCS
  • Git & Github Account
  • Git core concepts
  • Installation & Setup of NodeJs, NPM & MongoDB
  • Setting up the IDE (Visual Studio Code)
  • ​JavaScript

    Learning Objectives In this topic,you will learn about JavaScript,Variables,Numbers and operators,Strings in JavaScript,Useful string methods, Arrays, Conditionals Looping code, Functions,events,JavaScript objects,prototypes,Inheritance in JavaScript, Working with JSON data,Object building practise


  • Fundamentals Of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Building Blocks
  • Objects Oriented JavaScript
  • ​Node.Js

    Learning Objectives In this topic,you will learn about Introduction to Node.js and Node.js topics,NPM,Global Objects,REPL Terminal,Callbacks,HTTP Fundamentals,Web Application Architecture,Creating a Web Server,Add an HTTP Header,Read the Query String,Path Parameters,URL topic Event Loop,Event Emitter,Buffers,Streams,File System,File Upload.


  • Node.Js Fundamentals
  • HTTP Server with Node.js
  • Node.js Deep Dive
  • Express JS

    Learning Objectives In this topic,you will learn about Express,Express Generator,Basic Routing,Serving Static Files,views & view engines,layouts,partial layouts,Passing Values to Templates,Define URL routes in Express,Route methods,Route paths,Return HTTP status codes,Built-in middleware,Third-party middleware,Writing middleware


  • Fundamentals Of Express JS
  • Using template engines with Express (HBS)
  • Using the Express router
  • Defining & Using the Express Middleware
  • MongoDB

    Learning Objectives In this topic,you will learn about NoSQL database,Key differences of NoSQL and relational data,How to design a NoSQL data structure,What is mongodb ,JSON,BSON,Transaction management in mongodb,Scaling,Replication,Data Types,Create databases, collections and documents,Data modification in MongoDB,Regular Expression,CRUD Operations.


  • Introduction to NoSQL databases
  • MongoDB Basics
  • Getting started with the Mongo shell
  • CRUD operation in MongoDB
  • REST API - Using MongoDB & Mongoose

    Learning Objectives In this topic,you will learn about HTTP, REST,standard approach of defining REST API URL patterns,different HTTP methods for different actions,build a sample API for user collection.


  • Fundamentals of HTTP
  • Fundamentals of REST
  • The standard approach of defining REST API URL patterns
  • Use different HTTP methods for different actions
  • Design URL patterns for nested documents
  • Build a sample API for user collection
  • Building the UI with ReactJs

    Learning Objectives In this topic, you will learn about ES6 Introduction,ReactJS ,Virtual DOM ,Component and Functions,JSX and React.createElement,Component Lifecycle, Using props for data passing,Internal state,Class Components,Refs & Input handling,Rendering,router and basic consepts of redux.


  • Tools & Introduction
  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Virtual DOM , Component and Functions ,JSX
  • Props and State
  • Rendering
  • React Router
  • Data management
  • Forms management in React
  • Redux Intro
  • Redux Principle
  • React-redux
  • Connecting redux to server
  • Advance Redux
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    Full Stack Development With MERN Project

    What are the system requirements for this Full Stack Development with MERN Training?

    The system requirements include minimum 4 GB RAM, Intel Core i3 processor or above and 20 GB HDD

    Which projects will be a part of this Full Stack Devlopment with MERN?

    In this course, you will develop a portfolio and ecommerce website

    Create a basic Express JS project and name it my-portfolio using hbs view engine

    Add the hbs views (pages) index, about, contact, blog, blog-detail, projects and project-details

    Define app routes using Express Router and link all the views

    Design 2 unique layouts for public facing views (pages) and admin views (pages)

    Implement sample login mechanism use express session

    Server side validation for login using express-validator

    Protect admin routes - make sure they are accessible only after login

    Add some static data to render all the views

    create rest api and connected with ui

    create my-portfloio using ReactJS

    Full Stack Development With MERN Features

    Classroom Training

    90 hours of instructor-led classroom training. There will weekdays and weekend batch to ensure the convenience of students.

    Real-life case studies

    The training will be include demonstrations on real-life examples and case studies in order to help you in understanding the concepts in a better way.


    At the end of every class, assignments based on the taught topic will be given to students.

    Lifetime Access

    Upon joining, you will be given lifetime access to LMS. Here you will find learning material, quizzes, and assignments related to the course.

    Expert Support

    In order to resolve your queries, Thruskills team will provide you support and guidance of experts.


    After the end of the course, Thruskills certifies you as a MERN Full Stack Developer based on the project you submit


    Why should I learn MERN?

    With the knowledge of MERN stack, you can develop various web applications, command line interfaces, mobile apps and a lot more. Big companies such as PayPal, Apple, Instagram use React(a MERN technology) to build their applications. It is a good career move for people interested in making a career in web development.

    What are the skills needed to master MEAN

    One needs to have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    What is the career progression and opportunities after learning MERN?

    After completion of the MERN stack course, you will find a good number of job opportunities.

    What is the price of this MERN training?

    MERN stack Training costs ₹35,000+GST, where you get to learn from a real-time expert with hands-on examples. You also get lifetime access to the course materials, 24x7 support to solve queries & doubts.

    How can a beginner learn MERN?

    The MERN stack curriculum has been designed by our veteran developers according to the industry requirements. This will help both experienced and beginners to learn from basics to advance level. Your instructor will conduct classes where you will be guided through all the concepts along with the hands-on example.

    What is the average salary for a MERN stack developer?

    The average salary of a MERN Stack developer in India is around ₹6.25 Lakhs per annum.